Baby nursery bedding and sheet sets

Pawda Baby creates beautiful Australian handmade baby nursery bedding in various sizes and fabrics. Ultimately we offer a large range of fitted sheet and nursery sets.  As can be seen in our Bedding section, we not only cater for the Moses basket, Bassinet and Boori baskets, but also for the Stooke Oval cot as well as the standard cot.  Our range also extends to blankets, pillows and of course the trending Boomerang pillowcase.

Currently our Mulberry silk products are very on trend and we offer a variety of items made from this wonderful natural fabric.  Have a look over here at the benefits of sleeping on Mulberry silk.  This naturally hypoallergenic fabric is ulitmately the solutions to the baby bald head and those frizzy tangled hair. We are ultimately aiming to provide a nursery full of Natural Mulberry silk and cotton items.

Our baby nursery bedding are always changing and we try to stay on trend and offer unique designs.  For this reason we can help with a custom order if you have something special in mind.  We can even make fitted sheets for those high end baskets like the Snuzpod, Halo bassinet, Snoo Smart sleeper and Bugaboo Cameleon.

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