Caring instructions and safety warnings

Our handmade products are made to be machine washed, but more care needs to be taken with some.

Mulberry silk washing instructions

  1. Hand wash for the first few washes…there after washing can be done in the washing machine on a gentle cycle
  2. Always use a laundry bag in the washing machine
  3. Use cold water with mild detergent (for silk and delicates)
  4. Avoid too much spinning
  5. Do not use softners
  6. Hang in the shade to dry
  7. Iron while still slightly damp with a cool iron on the reverse side
  8. Do not tumble dry or leave in the sun or use any harsh chemicals on silk

FAQ’s about Mulberry silk

  1. Will the colour run if I wash it? – The colours will not run, but likewise colours should always be washed together.  The colour could fade if it hangs in the sun or get too much heat exposure.
  2. Can the silk ever go away or be washed off?  The silk is 100% Mulberry silk and all it’s made of.  It can never go away or become “less silky”.  It can however loose it’s shine if it’s washed in water that’s too hot or harsh detergents.
  3. Why does the silk feel harsh after the first wash? If all the correct washing instructions are followed then this is nothing to be worried about.  The silk fibers will harden up a little or have plenty of wrinkles in them.  Once you give it a cool iron and start using it again, the fibers will stretch back to it’s original shape and give you that smooth silky feel again.  Read more about this over here.
  4. What if I get a stain on the silk? – There are ways to spot clean silk. Have a look over here 
  5. What if I washed it wrong and this has caused the shine to fade?   There are some steps you can follow to restore the shine to your silk.  Have a read over here.
  6. How do I know the silk is pure and not synthetic?  At Pawda Baby we only use reputable suppliers for our Mulberry silk fabric and do a burn test on all our fabric that comes in.  Have a look at how it’s done over here. Burn Test
  7. What other methods are there to test if it’s 100% silk?  Have a read over here for all the ways you can test it.

!!!Safety warning – Mulberry silk bassinet and Moses basket semi sheets

Place the semi sheet with the longest side across the width of the mattress.  Move it to where the babies head will be.

Make sure the sheet is secure on the mattress by tying the ribbons tightly together.  Do not leave baby on the sheets if the ties are not tied up.  Always check that they are still securely tied before laying baby to sleep.

!!!Safety warning – Nappy wallet, change mat and teething pads

These products are not toys.  Some items may contain small parts like plastic snap buttons and if taken apart or broken, can be swallowed by a young child.  These products are intended to be used by an adult and any child under 4 years of age should not be left alone to play with it and should always supervised when close to these products.

!!!Safety warning – Pram strap covers

These covers are not intended to be used on a car seat.  Only use the original belt covers that came from the car seat manufacturers.  Using any other strap covers could result in the straps slipping off while driving.

!!!Safety warning – General

Always throw away or recycle any plastic that our products came in.  Never leave these lying around as it could cause a choking hazard.

If any of our items are gifted to someone else, always make sure that the pamflet that came in the parcel is also handed to the recipient. It has valuable information on there about our products and would direct any user to our website with all our safety warnings and caring instructions.

All our products are sent out with a link back to our website for caring and safety warnings.  Pawda Baby, its owners or empoyees can not be held liable if these instructions are not followed or passed on to the final user of our products

!!!Safety warning – Flannelette winter sheets

Flannelette is a flamable fabric and should be kept away from anything that is flamable.