About Pawda


We are a family run business in the baby industry on the Gold Coast of Australia. Pawda Baby was born just before our son. I went through a process of designing and creating products and since I started creating baby clothing and nursery accessories I have been able to live out my creativity in the baby industry.

I love the fact that I can be in direct contact with my customer and sell or custom make you something you really want. I enjoy shopping for new fabrics and creating something special with it.

We have our dog Mia testing all our pet products and the same with our little boy. I like to make sure they love it as much as I do. I have a thing about quality, will never compromise on it and always make sure my products can be washed. For me as a busy Mom, there is nothing better than knowing I can keep my Pawda products clean by just popping them into the washing machine. Life is too short for hand washes and trips to the dry cleaners!

Enjoy our products made for you with love.


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Pawda Baby handmade baby accessories