100% Mulberry silk fabric for sewing

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100% pure Mulberry Silk fabric pieces

These Mulberry silk fabric pieces are perfect for that smaller sewing project on your mind.  Be creative and make some eye masks, head bands, silk scraves, scrunchies, facecloths and so much more.

  •  22 momme 100% silk 6A grade fabric used for all our products.
  • This fabric is machine washable in cool water on a gentle cycle.  Cool iron on reverse side.  Please see full washing instructions here.

Why choose silk above other silk and cotton fabrics?

  1. No more bed hair and baby bald spots

The natural benefits of mulberry silk carriers through from your skin to your hair. Hair that lacks moisture tend to appear frizzy, lifeless and is more prone too breakage. This is often caused by friction between your hair and your boomerang pillow case. Silk helps to prevent friction and allows your hair to glide gently across the pillow or sheets.

The conclusion is that sleeping on a mulberry silk pillow case can minimise split ends, knotting, frizz, dryness as well as the dreaded baby bald head.

  1. Naturally hydrating

Silk helps keep moisture close to your skin. It also helps your hair stay hydrated and help your skin.  This means it won’t absorb your skin’s natural moisture as many other fabrics do.

  1. Breathable and temperature regulating

Silk is a natural fibre and allows your skin to breathe, minimising irritation. This sensitive skin friendly fibre is also temperature regulating, ensuring you sleep comfortable all night long.

  1. Naturally Hypoallergenic

Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic. It has a natural resistance to odour-causing bacteria, dust mites and mould, making it the perfect option for babies sensitive skins, asthma and allergy sufferers.

  1. Soft, smooth, luxury

Mulberry silk is renowned for being the highest quality silk on the market. The softness and smooth texture of the fibres makes it a dream to sleep on and worth the investment in this piece of luxury.

Have a look at our Mulberry silk burn test.  Great way to prove that it’s real silk. Mulberry silk burn test

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